Luxurious Natural Hair Care

Salon Quality. High Performance.
Hair Nourishment.

Healthy natural hair starts with a conscious choice by you. You choose what you put on your natural hair and body. Paraben-free, natural & organic ingredient based natural hair care is your commitment and lifestyle choice to healthy looking natural hair.

Bye Bye Parabens was born out of the need for a safe high performing salon quality natural hair care system formulated for naturally curly hair. As you may already know, not all natural hair care actually works on naturally curly hair. We don’t follow fads and we don’t pay bloggers for reviews or to sell our products. We’re all about healthy natural hair through professional education by licensed stylist, not enthusiasts.

“Most women want to be natural and still have a polished look. We get it. Bye Bye Parabens allows you to be your own kind of natural, natural and curly or natural and straight. We let you decide.”

-Tracy Riggs Founder of Bye Bye Parabens

Made with natural and organic ingredients, vitamins, & botanical extract Bye Bye Parabens products work together to help you achieve healthier natural hair. Skillfully created by a master stylist, our products are made for naturally curly hair for the ultimate in hair care nourishment. Bye Bye Parabens is a collection of result driven hair care products that address the needs of naturally curly hair from wavy to tight coiled.

All of our product are paraben free. Always have been & always will be. You should never have to compromise your health for beauty, ever.

Welcome to the start of a beautiful friendship.