Our natural hair beauty of the week is SHA. See what she had to say about her experience with Bye Bye Parabens, her natural hair regimen, and natural hair goals for 2019.

Name: Sha
Natural Hair Type: 3a
Profession: Finance
#1 Hair Goal: To continue keeping my hair healthy and happy.

How long have you been wearing your hair natural?

I’ve been wearing my natural hair since 2011.

What’s your current hair regimen like?

I shampoo and condition my hair approximately every 2 1/2 weeks; using Bye Bye Parabens Curl Hydrating Shampoo, Curl Hydrating Conditioner and Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner (LOVE this Trio). Next, I blow out and apply my Extreme Shine Serum and Flat Iron. Takes about an hour but I’m good for the next 2 plus weeks.

What are your staple hair products?

Ok?…my staples are as follows: The Extreme Shine Serum and the Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner.

What’s your MUST-HAVE product and Why?

I can’t live without my Extreme Shine Serum. My hair is never dull or frizzy. I also use some after I blow out my hair and I love the scent.

Have you ever felt stressed about your hair?

In the past I have. I was always concerned about lack of moisture; especially because I love color.

What are your hair goals for 2019?

Moving into 2019, I want to continue to maintain the healthy regimen my scalp and hair are use to by using Bye Bye Parabens.

For many natural women it’s a journey to fully understand your hair. What was your “Bye Bye Parabens” Aha Moment (the moment you felt like, “I got it!” that moment you wish you would have found this sooner?

It was after my first appointment at Tracy Riggs Salon. I got to experience a brand, Bye Bye Parabens, that left my hair feeling soft, hydrated and very healthy like never before.