Name: Ingrid

Natural Hair Type:  4c/b mix

Profession:  Functional Analyst & Artist

#1 Hair Goal:  To have a versatile style, that is stylish neat or messy :)

Why did you start using Bye Bye Parabens? 

After seeing how well my natural hair responded to Bye Bye Parabens products, I had to get some for my home.  I didn’t want to undo all the repair Tracy did on my hair at Tracy Riggs Salon. My hair felt great.  It’s all about the quality products!

Beauty Spotlight Ingrid 1

How long have you been using Bye Bye Parabens? 

I‘ve been using Bye Bye Parabens for over 3 years now.

What is your favorite Bye Bye Parabens natural hair product and how does it change the way you view your natural hair?

  I love the Nourish Mint Conditioner.  After washing my hair, I just put it in and go!  It smells so good too.

Beauty Spotlight Ingrid 2

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying Bye Bye Parabens? 

Get it!  Your hair will THANK YOU FOR IT!  You deserve the best…buy the products!

What’s your Instagram:  

@ingabelle1    @ilong2desyn

Natural Hair Beauty Spotlight Ingrid

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