Name: Topaz

Natural Hair Type: 4A/4B mixed

Profession: Wife, Literacy Volunteer & Artist

How long have you been using Bye Bye Parabens? 3 Months strong!

Why did you start using Bye Bye Parabens?

I loved the way my natural hair felt after leaving Tracy Riggs Salon. Of course, Tracy was using Bye Bye Parabens, and so I had a light bulb moment, maybe I should try Bye Bye Parabens products at home. Once I got the products in my head at the house, I didn’t just say “Bye Bye” to Parabens, but also “BUH- Bye” to Shea Moisture, Cantu, and Jane Carter. It’s just simple, Tracy has created a far superior product than any of the products for African American women….just saying!

What’s your favorite Bye Bye Parabens product and how does it change the way you view your hair?

I LOVE the duo of Nourish Mint Conditioner and The Perfect Mousse. They are good on their own, but together they are…hmm..what’s the word, oh yeah DYNAMIC! The conditioner does what a conditioner is supposed to do, moisturizes! Then the mousse comes in and gets rid of frizz, and defines and retains my curls. These products without a doubt, make me want to stay natural. They make me appreciate my curls. A few months ago, I seriously considered going back to the creamy crack, because I couldn’t stand the way my hair felt and looked like tumbleweed (I’m so serious). But it was NOT my hair’s fault, it was the products I was using. Bye Bye Parabens showed me my hair’s true form. I can’t see myself ever going back to the creamy crack!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about using Bye Bye Parabens?

Just TRY it! You won’t regret it. Also, try mixing your favorite Bye Bye Parabens conditioner with the Perfect Mousse…it will change your life! Also, ask Tracy how to properly use the products, and listen to her Podcast for how to properly care for your curls!